Poesi mens vi puster 73


and that night. the white electric storm. the lake

in flames. you sleeping so soundly. your big bones.

smooth forehead. your dry pale mouth. split lip skin

flakes. to bite them off with needlepoint precision

to chew and roll in a minute translucent ball

and spit ball and spit ball against the horizon. skin. it’s so

wonderful peeling your back after summer.

a perfect sheet of skin. pores backprint

and some blond down. your backbone fossil.

the sickly olive patch beneath

pressing the veil of skin against my face.

sucking some in with every breath.

sting rain the bay windows hypodermic.

in the skull the electric whirlwind.

sucking more with every breath.

skin erection all symbols of bliss.

I was so amazed so moved I loved you so much.

– Patti Smith

fra Early Works 1970-1979 (utgitt 1994)

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